How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean?

Upholstery Cleaning

A large sofa with sophisticated leather upholstery or a cosy chair with smart velvet upholstery will not only give you optimal comfort but also improve the aesthetics of your rooms. Now imagine those same furniture pieces with dirty, stained and stinky upholsteries! They will simply ruin the look and feel of your interior.

This is why you should consider regular upholstery cleaning in East Grinstead and understand why it is required. You cannot deny that upholstered furniture adds life to your interior. Whether you want to lean back on the sofa while watching your favourite shows on TV or need some strong support for the coxic bone for some medical conditions – these upholstered furniture pieces can be a real saviour.

Read this blog to know how to keep the upholsteries neat and clean every season.

Upholstery Cleaning

Keep the Cushions in Shape

The cushions kept on your sofa or chair withstands the maximum amount of torture, especially if you have hyperactive kids. Those cushions are made of soft materials. You need to keep them in proper shape by slapping, punching, prodding and fluffing them up. You need fluff more for the softer cushions and less for the firmer ones.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Though it is nice to sit on the recliner or the couch early in the morning near your windows and enjoy vitamin D, it is not a good idea for your furniture. Vitamin D is good for your skin but not for your upholstered sofa or chairs. Direct sunlight brings severe damage to these materials. Avoid it as much as you can.

Use Covers

No matter how much you love to flaunt those stylish velvet upholsteries on your sofa, it is better to use a cover for them. Never leave your cushions without covers. This will make it easier for you to ensure their cleanliness and longer lifespan.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

If the materials of your upholstery allow, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week to clean the furniture pieces. This appliance will help you remove all dirt, dust and allergens from those materials and keep them clean and hygienic.

Use Good Stain Cleaners

It is always required to use good quality stain cleaners to remove all types of patches and spots from those upholsteries. Whether it is the spot of coffee spills or sauce or pasta – you should wipe it off as soon as you notice it.

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