Is the end time of your lease nearby? Are you planning to move out and shift to a new place? In such a situation, you must look into the aspect of end of tenancy cleaning. Often, cleaning lead to disputes between the tenant and landlord. This is why hiring professionals for end of tenancy cleaning in East Grinstead is recommended. They utilise special tools and gear to clean the house and complete the task on time.


What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?


When you move out of the house, you should clean it routinely. This includes cleaning the switches, sockets, doorknobs and taps etc. The aim is to remove dirt, dust, mould and fingerprints from windows. It also includes cleaning the Limescale round taps, switches and sockets, mould on grout, fingerprints on windows and glass doors, etc. Therefore, as the tenant, you are bound to take care of everything.


The inventory move will tell you whether the house is cleaned to be regarded in a condition which is ‘good domestic’, ‘domestic’ or ‘professional’. This is prior to the process of moving in. Besides, according to the tenancy agreement, you should agree to clean the house after leaving, matching professional standards.


Types of Cleaning to Consider 


  • Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen being the most visited room in the house, requires thorough cleaning at first. If you are negligent in this regard, you will have to do a lot of hard work later. Ensure to clean all work surfaces, polish them and remove the stains. Open the drawers and cupboards to move the items from inside them. Now check tile surfaces for splashbacks and make sure to clean the dirt and grease. Inspect all the appliances and degrease the oven and microwave. Address the dustbins as well.


  • Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is another important part of the inventory checklist. You should vigorously inspect it by removing spoils from the wall. Check the gutter and the toilet as well. Clean the sink, shower screen, taps and fittings. You should not forget to clean the mirror as well.


  • Floor Cleaning

To clean the floors, you will require special cleaning agents and chemicals. Vacuum the carpet rugs and dust the upholstery. You can consider steam carpet cleaning for greater efficiency.


  • Furniture Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning involves detailed cleaning and polishing of the furniture. You should do in-depth dusting and remove the stains/spills from the upholstery. Wash all the pillow covers, dust the lampshades, pictures, mirrors, radiator, railings etc.


Call the Professionals 


True Blue Cleaning offers a high-quality end of tenancy cleaning service for customers. Our professionals will ensure complete cleaning of oven, windows, carpets, upholstery etc. Get in touch with to get free price quotations.

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