4 Key Aspects to Know before Hiring Carpet Cleaning Services

carpet cleaning

Cleaning your carpets is a tiresome job indeed. And to ease things, it’s always better to hire carpet cleaning experts in East Grinstead. With a professional carpet cleaner, it becomes easier for you to clean the carpets efficiently. However, you must consider a few things before hiring a carpet cleaner. With several service providers in the market, you might feel a bit intimidated in picking the right one.

Essential considerations for hiring the best carpet cleaners

Here are some key pointers you must know to hire the most efficient carpet cleaners.


First and foremost, always look for experienced professionals who know their tasks well. Not all carpet cleaning companies have a fair deal of experience. And choosing an inexperienced service provider will leave you with a lot of frustration as they won’t be able to deliver quality-oriented service.

Knowledge of carpets

Carpets are available in a variety of sizes, patterns, and designs. They are made of different materials, which have their own characteristics. Hence, professionals should always have profound knowledge of the different types of carpets. Also, they must consider a few other aspects such as the cause of the stains on your carpet, how long you have been using it, presence of pets at home. This will help them offer the exact service required for cleaning your carpet.

Using the right materials

Next, you should always ask about the types of materials used by the company in carpet cleaning and restoration. Check whether they use environmental-friendly, allergen-free chemicals to promote a sustainable environment. If you have kids or pets at home, you should also ensure that the fluids used for cleaning aren’t too harsh.

Cleaning method

Professionals mostly follow two methods, which are steam cleaning and dry cleaning. While dry cleaning offers a quick wash using fewer chemicals and water, steam cleaning is an extensive process in which very hot water and extensive chemicals are used to clean the carpet deeply.

All these aspects must be kept in mind if you are looking for the most efficient carpet cleaner in the industry. True Blue Cleaning is the most trusted name in offering top-notch carpet cleaning services in Sussex and Surrey.

We also specialise in offering various services, including cleaning windows, gutters, fascia and soffits, patios and pathways, roofs, office and commercial establishments, and more. So, if you are searching for professionals who can help you make the carpet look crystal clean, we are here for you. Contact now.

5 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

A clean window is a sign of a well-maintained house. No matter how hard you try, you cannot save your windows from being dirty since they remain in direct contact with various elements like dust, dirt, raindrop, moisture and sunlight. These have an immense impact on your window glasses and panels. Hiring a window cleaning expert in East Grinstead will help you to keep your windows neat and clean without any mistakes.

Unfortunately, most homeowners make terrible mistakes while cleaning their windows, and that makes the entire job meaningless.

What Are the Major Window Cleaning Errors?

  1. Not Dusting the Glasses

When you directly use a wet towel or window cleaning tools on the dirty and dusty window glasses, the result will make you unhappy. It is always advisable to dust your windows regularly to get rid of dust. This will make your job of cleaning sprays easier than ever.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Cleaning Spray

You may find several brands of cleaning sprays in the market. Not all of them are good enough and will be able to provide you with the desired result. Some can even damage the glasses. Using sprays that are too harsh or intense should be avoided. You should always look for one that is specially made for window glasses and not for your kitchen countertop.

  1. Using Improper and Dirty Cleaning Materials

You can never expect to get a clean window if the object you are using to clean is dirty. Always took a clean and soft piece of cloth. Using dirty cloths will leave scratches on your window glasses. If you choose cheap equipment, it will make things worse for you. Even after several efforts, you will never get a satisfactory result from them. Thus, always choose clean and good quality equipment to clean your windows.

  1. Not Following Any Routine

Window cleaning is not a “once in a lifetime” job. It must be in your regular house maintenance routine. You should try to clean your windows at least once a month. This will keep them look aesthetically pleasing and ensure durability and efficiency.

  1. Not Calling Experts

Though most homeowners think that window cleaning comes under the DIY category, sometimes you need expert support. Not calling an expert for this job because you want to save money can be a costly mistake. Always get help from professionals for flawless window cleaning.

True Blue Cleaning is right here to offer you such service at a competitive price. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Few Signs You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery Cleaning

Though new upholstery can last for years, its quality deteriorates over time. If you want to keep their appeal intact for years, a bit of professional cleaning services is a must. But if the one in your house has already been torn or damaged, replacing them is the only way out. In fact, how much you try to maintain their quality and visual appeal; you will have to clean or repair them sooner or later. There are numerous companies offering upholstery cleaning services scattered all over East Grinstead. So, choosing one isn’t a daunting task. Just ensure that you know the warning signs indicating that the upholstery in your house needs cleaning.


Need Upholstery Cleaning In East Grinstead? Few Signs You Should Start Looking For A Professional

  • Deep Stains

If you have been trying hard to remove the tough stains from the upholstery but have been unsuccessful in your attempt, stop covering them up with rugs and furniture and hire professionals for upholstery cleaning. Some stains penetrate deep inside the covering and are hard to remove without damaging the fibres. Though you can buy upholstery with a stain-resistant finish, it gradually becomes unprotected as the treatment fades.

  • Foul Odour

Though some basic cleaning can help diminish the mild lingering smell on the upholstery, it can develop a strong stinky smell if you have pets in your house and have not cleaned the furniture for quite a long time. It is quite common for the odour to penetrate deep inside the fibers. It can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew. If you want to eliminate the odour cost-effectively, get in touch with a reputable company for Upholstery Cleaning in East Grinstead.

  • Minor Wear And Tear

Stop covering the defects in your upholstery with pieces of clothes and start looking for a reliable company offering upholstery cleaning services. Significant wear and tear and matted furniture covers are warning signs that the fibers in them have started losing their form. Though the small issues can be fixed by cleaning them, those with larger rips must be replaced.

These being said, it’s time you get in touch with the upholstery cleaning experts at True Blue Cleaning and you can maintain the appeal of your furniture for years. Their cleaning team has vast knowledge about the right application of modern tools while working on your properties.

How to Keep Your Upholstery Clean?

Upholstery Cleaning

A large sofa with sophisticated leather upholstery or a cosy chair with smart velvet upholstery will not only give you optimal comfort but also improve the aesthetics of your rooms. Now imagine those same furniture pieces with dirty, stained and stinky upholsteries! They will simply ruin the look and feel of your interior.

This is why you should consider regular upholstery cleaning in East Grinstead and understand why it is required. You cannot deny that upholstered furniture adds life to your interior. Whether you want to lean back on the sofa while watching your favourite shows on TV or need some strong support for the coxic bone for some medical conditions – these upholstered furniture pieces can be a real saviour.

Read this blog to know how to keep the upholsteries neat and clean every season.

Upholstery Cleaning

Keep the Cushions in Shape

The cushions kept on your sofa or chair withstands the maximum amount of torture, especially if you have hyperactive kids. Those cushions are made of soft materials. You need to keep them in proper shape by slapping, punching, prodding and fluffing them up. You need fluff more for the softer cushions and less for the firmer ones.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Though it is nice to sit on the recliner or the couch early in the morning near your windows and enjoy vitamin D, it is not a good idea for your furniture. Vitamin D is good for your skin but not for your upholstered sofa or chairs. Direct sunlight brings severe damage to these materials. Avoid it as much as you can.

Use Covers

No matter how much you love to flaunt those stylish velvet upholsteries on your sofa, it is better to use a cover for them. Never leave your cushions without covers. This will make it easier for you to ensure their cleanliness and longer lifespan.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

If the materials of your upholstery allow, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner at least once a week to clean the furniture pieces. This appliance will help you remove all dirt, dust and allergens from those materials and keep them clean and hygienic.

Use Good Stain Cleaners

It is always required to use good quality stain cleaners to remove all types of patches and spots from those upholsteries. Whether it is the spot of coffee spills or sauce or pasta – you should wipe it off as soon as you notice it.

True Blue Cleaning is an expert in upholstery cleaning in East Grinstead. If you want to book our service or need a free quote, kindly get in touch with our team.

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Window Cleaning Service in East Grinstead

Window cleaning is a vital component of cleaning your home. If you do not want to engage with the task directly, you could appoint a professional window cleaning service to do it for you. The following blog includes 6 tips that you will need to be mindful of while hiring a window cleaning service.

Do they have Insurance?

Before selecting a window cleaning service, it is crucial that you ask them if they have insurance. Without insurance, in the event of an accident occuring on your premises, you would be liable to pay damages, surely a blatantly inappropriate situation. Further, if you incur damage to your property as a result of flawed procedures on the part of the service you hired, you will not receive any compensation if the company you hired has no insurance.

Do they offer a bouquet of allied services that you should know about?

It is important that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions with regard to the work you are allocating to a window cleaning service provider. If they offer both internal and external window cleaning, or gutter cleaning in addition to window cleaning, you could decide on what services you will ask for so as to both stay within budget while deploying the most extensive cleaning option of what the provider offers you.

Study Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways to sift through the prospective companies that offer you the window cleaning service is to search for and read up on reviews and testimonials on their google, facebook and other social media accounts. The reliability of a service provider can be gauged very well from the words etched by their previous clients on accessible, online platforms.

 Ascertain the Breadth of their Experience

Before handing out your window washing contract, it is advisable that you work out the reliability of various contending companies by asking them how long they’ve been in the business. A company with more experience  is much more likely to have ideal processes such as insurance in place, in addition to remaining unfazed when faced with a difficult or unforeseen situation.

Are their employees background checked?

Since you would be allowing a window cleaning service contractor access to your home, it is imperative that their employees are satisfactorily background checked so that you can allow them a run of the premises without worries.

Are their employees trained in best practices and safety?

Window cleaning often involves setting up ladders to reach places that are high above the ground. To avoid being on tenterhooks for the duration of the cleaning process, it is best to have a conversation with the service provider right at the outset about the safety-related procedures they follow at their end.  There is no need to be wary or diffident about starting such a conversation because a service provider would gladly participate and point out to you the things they’re doing right to comply with standards and expectations.

Since a do-it-yourself window cleaning process can be chaotic and lengthy, it is best to hire professionals if you can provide for the outlay. At True Blue Cleaning, we offer immaculate window cleaning services focused on the East Grinstead area . Our team has extensive know-how and skills in the domain of window cleaning. Go over our website and appoint our specialists.

Tips to Ensure Proper End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaning service in Surrey

The end of the tenancy period is a moment of tension between the landlord and the tenant. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that you hand over a clean and undamaged property to the landlord. Many tenants move away from the house without changing or fixing the landlord’s property. However, a security deposit is present with the landlord. If the tenant damages or leaves the property without cleaning the same, there’s a high chance that the tenant might not receive the security deposit amount when leaving the property.

Thus every tenant must maintain their honour before they decide to leave the property. In case of messy property, the tenant can always take help from professionals for end of tenancy cleaning in East Grinstead. Read on to find a few tips on the proper end of tenancy cleaning that every tenant must remember.


3 tips for ensuring the proper end of tenancy cleaning


Plan, organise and start early 

If you’ve made up your mind to do the cleaning job yourself, then start early. Don’tDon’t wait for the day of shifting. You must plan out first and organise your belongings in different boxes. This will help you get space in the house, and you can easily start cleaning from one corner.

Clean up the limescale deposits 

Limescale deposits are the hardest parts that take time to get cleaned. The landlord, during the inspection, will certainly check the limescale deposits. Hence, before the end of the tenancy, make sure that you clean the limescale deposits, especially from the common areas in the house. For this, you can take the help of professional chemical solutions that will help to remove the limescale deposits at the earliest.

Focus on common areas

Don’tDon’t forget to clean the common areas in the house. They are the most overlooked portions of the property. Once you’ve vacated the property, when the landlord will check the same, the commonly used areas are the first that will come to their notice. Hence before leaving the house, make sure that you’ve cleaned the countertops, bathroom handles and utilities, kitchen worktops, door handles and shelves thoroughly.

Although these tips are helpful, a DIY clean up process can be hectic and time-consuming; hence, hire professionals for complete cleanup. At True Blue Cleaning, we offer spotless end of tenancy cleaning services. Our team has vast knowledge and experience in managing the end of tenancy cleaning. Check our website and hire our experts.

Here’s an End of Tenancy Cleaning Guide and Checklist for You

Is the end time of your lease nearby? Are you planning to move out and shift to a new place? In such a situation, you must look into the aspect of end of tenancy cleaning. Often, cleaning lead to disputes between the tenant and landlord. This is why hiring professionals for end of tenancy cleaning in East Grinstead is recommended. They utilise special tools and gear to clean the house and complete the task on time.


What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?


When you move out of the house, you should clean it routinely. This includes cleaning the switches, sockets, doorknobs and taps etc. The aim is to remove dirt, dust, mould and fingerprints from windows. It also includes cleaning the Limescale round taps, switches and sockets, mould on grout, fingerprints on windows and glass doors, etc. Therefore, as the tenant, you are bound to take care of everything.


The inventory move will tell you whether the house is cleaned to be regarded in a condition which is ‘good domestic’, ‘domestic’ or ‘professional’. This is prior to the process of moving in. Besides, according to the tenancy agreement, you should agree to clean the house after leaving, matching professional standards.


Types of Cleaning to Consider 


  • Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen being the most visited room in the house, requires thorough cleaning at first. If you are negligent in this regard, you will have to do a lot of hard work later. Ensure to clean all work surfaces, polish them and remove the stains. Open the drawers and cupboards to move the items from inside them. Now check tile surfaces for splashbacks and make sure to clean the dirt and grease. Inspect all the appliances and degrease the oven and microwave. Address the dustbins as well.


  • Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom is another important part of the inventory checklist. You should vigorously inspect it by removing spoils from the wall. Check the gutter and the toilet as well. Clean the sink, shower screen, taps and fittings. You should not forget to clean the mirror as well.


  • Floor Cleaning

To clean the floors, you will require special cleaning agents and chemicals. Vacuum the carpet rugs and dust the upholstery. You can consider steam carpet cleaning for greater efficiency.


  • Furniture Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning involves detailed cleaning and polishing of the furniture. You should do in-depth dusting and remove the stains/spills from the upholstery. Wash all the pillow covers, dust the lampshades, pictures, mirrors, radiator, railings etc.


Call the Professionals 


True Blue Cleaning offers a high-quality end of tenancy cleaning service for customers. Our professionals will ensure complete cleaning of oven, windows, carpets, upholstery etc. Get in touch with to get free price quotations.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Clean Carpet Throughout the Year?

carpet cleaning

Certain things can always improve the value of your property. One of them is the cleanliness of the house. When it comes to determining the value of your house, the factor of cleanliness and hygiene will be definitely considered. To keep your home neat and clean, you must keep the carpets tidy throughout the year.

The carpet flooring looks gorgeous. But, stained and dusty carpets can be a big threat to the aesthetics of the house as well as the health of your entire family.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in East Grinstead is the right solution to keep the floor stain-free and shiny throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning: An Essential Part of Domestic Cleaning

Flooring is one of the prime parts of any building. While cleaning your home, you cannot ignore the floor. Whether it is made of hardwood, tiles or have carpets – you need to keep every corner of the floor neat and clean.

Carpets are used in home decor to add more aesthetical features to a room. Moreover, colourful and plush carpets can protect the base surface of the floor from damages, stains and dirt. It is easy to clean the carpet than replace the floor.

Reasons to Keep the Carpets Clean

  1. Carpets are made of fine fibres. These are mainly cotton, wool or silk. However, the most used material in carpets is synthetic fibre. No matter what kind of fibre is used in your carpet, it can catch stains, dust and dirt easily.
  2. Without regular cleaning, the carpet will lose its glow and shine. Gradually it will start looking dull and patchy, which will have a severe impact on the overall appearance of the room. Even a well-decorated room can look unsightly because of a dirty carpet.
  3. Besides, dirty carpets are a trusted nest of tiny insects and bacteria. They can cause allergies and create various health hazards for your family. Allergens will pollute the indoor air and make your life miserable.
  4. It is a beautiful feeling to have a clean, tidy and well-maintained carpet right under your feet. You can sit or lie down on it without any worries if you clean it regularly.

True Blue Cleaning is the right place to hire experts for carpet cleaning in East Grinstead. We offer a wide range of cleaning and property maintenance services. Please get in touch with us for more information related to our services.

Why Should you Invest in Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services?

Cleaning service in Surrey

Dust, allergens and dirt are common things that constantly get circulated throughout the home. They easily settle down around the house and on the furniture pieces. Thus professional upholstery e cleaning is essential to keep the bacteria out of your house. Accumulation of bacteria and dust causes health problems, including severe breathing troubles. A one-time investment in upholstery cleaning can help you get rid of the same.

Especially if you are looking to rent your house to a new tenant, then availing end of tenancy cleaning in East Grinstead is essential. Read on to know more about the importance of professional upholstery cleaning services.



4 reasons to hire professional upholstery cleaning services


Helps to protect furniture pieces

Generally, coats of dust mite are found on different furniture pieces in your home; hiring a professional apology service helps to remove the dust coating and keep your furniture in good condition for a long time. Moreover, if you try DIY methods, then there is a possibility that your furniture might get damaged. In most cases, the cleaning solution you are planning to use might not suit the furniture texture; hence the furniture might get damaged in the long run.

Get rid of stubborn stains

Professional upholstery cleaning refreshes and sanitizes the furniture and removes the same stubborn stains. For instance, if you have been dealing with red wine, tea or red sauce stains on your furniture pieces, then a professional upholstery cleaning service can help you get rid of the same without hassles. They have the proper tools skills and know the techniques to remove this tense without damaging the furniture pieces.

Creating a non-polluted environment

While cleaning furniture pieces at home, you might end up creating a polluting environment within the interiors of your home. On the contrary, hiring a professional service will help you maintain a non-polluting environment within your house. At the same time, the whole work of cleaning is done effectively without harming any furniture or any human body. They use vacuum cleaners, non-chemical-based cleaning solutions, and other dust removal pieces of equipment which can easily remove the dust and kill the bacteria without bothering the internal environment of your house. They can help you achieve deep upholstery cleaning resulting in a bacteria and allergen-free environment in your home.


Hire professional cleaning experts from True Blue Cleaning and achieve the desired results; we are a fully insured cleaning service company that provides expert cleaning services for commercial and residential premises. For more details check our website.

Few Benefits Of Having A Clean Gutter In Your House

If you think that you can ignore the gutters filled with leaves and debris, it’s high time you debunk the myth. They have far-reaching consequences than you think. If you want to protect your home, you should hire professionals to clean them at least twice every year. How frequently you should clean them depends on various factors.

Professionals offering gutter cleaning services will consider the number of trees in your garden and the amount of rainfall the area receives before suggesting how frequently you should clean them. Hire gutter cleaning experts if you ever notice debris or leaves in it. A gutter can perform properly if there is no clutter in it.

Hire Professionals For Gutter Cleaning And Enjoy The Benefits Of A Clean Gutter

  • Manage Water Flows

The primary task of the gutter system in your home is to manage water flow. During a storm, they ensure that rainwater is flowing smoothly. There is a high chance for water to stagnate and flood your home if the system gets blocked with debris or leaves. Plumbing experts believe that you should include gutter cleaning in your home’s regular maintenance plan. It will also protect your home from natural disasters like rains.


  • Protect Your Home

It is your responsibility to ensure that the gutter is completely clutter-free and free of debris so rain can pour down your house properly. A faulty gutter system will cause stagnate water on the roof and seep into your roof cavities. You have to understand that water needs a place to go and the gutters are the perfect outlet for them. Though you might not notice water dripping right away, the roof will start rotting over time and you will notice that stains have developed and the roof has suffered ice dams.


  • Protect The Home’s Foundation

Gutters are constructed in such a way so that rainwater falls in a place where it can absorb. Water can’t go down the designated area if the gutter is broken. As a result, water will stagnate and affect your home’s foundation. If you ever notice stagnant water in the roof, get in touch with a reputable company offering gutter cleaning in East Grinstead. Once the water starts affecting the home’s foundation, rots and molds will develop in the basement.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits offered by a clean gutter, get in touch with the drain cleaning experts at True Blue Cleaning.