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The end of the tenancy period is a moment of tension between the landlord and the tenant. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that you hand over a clean and undamaged property to the landlord. Many tenants move away from the house without changing or fixing the landlord’s property. However, a security deposit is present with the landlord. If the tenant damages or leaves the property without cleaning the same, there’s a high chance that the tenant might not receive the security deposit amount when leaving the property.

Thus every tenant must maintain their honour before they decide to leave the property. In case of messy property, the tenant can always take help from professionals for end of tenancy cleaning in East Grinstead. Read on to find a few tips on the proper end of tenancy cleaning that every tenant must remember.


3 tips for ensuring the proper end of tenancy cleaning


Plan, organise and start early 

If you’ve made up your mind to do the cleaning job yourself, then start early. Don’tDon’t wait for the day of shifting. You must plan out first and organise your belongings in different boxes. This will help you get space in the house, and you can easily start cleaning from one corner.

Clean up the limescale deposits 

Limescale deposits are the hardest parts that take time to get cleaned. The landlord, during the inspection, will certainly check the limescale deposits. Hence, before the end of the tenancy, make sure that you clean the limescale deposits, especially from the common areas in the house. For this, you can take the help of professional chemical solutions that will help to remove the limescale deposits at the earliest.

Focus on common areas

Don’tDon’t forget to clean the common areas in the house. They are the most overlooked portions of the property. Once you’ve vacated the property, when the landlord will check the same, the commonly used areas are the first that will come to their notice. Hence before leaving the house, make sure that you’ve cleaned the countertops, bathroom handles and utilities, kitchen worktops, door handles and shelves thoroughly.

Although these tips are helpful, a DIY clean up process can be hectic and time-consuming; hence, hire professionals for complete cleanup. At True Blue Cleaning, we offer spotless end of tenancy cleaning services. Our team has vast knowledge and experience in managing the end of tenancy cleaning. Check our website and hire our experts.

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