5 Common Window Cleaning Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

A clean window is a sign of a well-maintained house. No matter how hard you try, you cannot save your windows from being dirty since they remain in direct contact with various elements like dust, dirt, raindrop, moisture and sunlight. These have an immense impact on your window glasses and panels. Hiring a window cleaning expert in East Grinstead will help you to keep your windows neat and clean without any mistakes.

Unfortunately, most homeowners make terrible mistakes while cleaning their windows, and that makes the entire job meaningless.

What Are the Major Window Cleaning Errors?

  1. Not Dusting the Glasses

When you directly use a wet towel or window cleaning tools on the dirty and dusty window glasses, the result will make you unhappy. It is always advisable to dust your windows regularly to get rid of dust. This will make your job of cleaning sprays easier than ever.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Cleaning Spray

You may find several brands of cleaning sprays in the market. Not all of them are good enough and will be able to provide you with the desired result. Some can even damage the glasses. Using sprays that are too harsh or intense should be avoided. You should always look for one that is specially made for window glasses and not for your kitchen countertop.

  1. Using Improper and Dirty Cleaning Materials

You can never expect to get a clean window if the object you are using to clean is dirty. Always took a clean and soft piece of cloth. Using dirty cloths will leave scratches on your window glasses. If you choose cheap equipment, it will make things worse for you. Even after several efforts, you will never get a satisfactory result from them. Thus, always choose clean and good quality equipment to clean your windows.

  1. Not Following Any Routine

Window cleaning is not a “once in a lifetime” job. It must be in your regular house maintenance routine. You should try to clean your windows at least once a month. This will keep them look aesthetically pleasing and ensure durability and efficiency.

  1. Not Calling Experts

Though most homeowners think that window cleaning comes under the DIY category, sometimes you need expert support. Not calling an expert for this job because you want to save money can be a costly mistake. Always get help from professionals for flawless window cleaning.

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best Window Cleaning Service in East Grinstead

Window cleaning is a vital component of cleaning your home. If you do not want to engage with the task directly, you could appoint a professional window cleaning service to do it for you. The following blog includes 6 tips that you will need to be mindful of while hiring a window cleaning service.

Do they have Insurance?

Before selecting a window cleaning service, it is crucial that you ask them if they have insurance. Without insurance, in the event of an accident occuring on your premises, you would be liable to pay damages, surely a blatantly inappropriate situation. Further, if you incur damage to your property as a result of flawed procedures on the part of the service you hired, you will not receive any compensation if the company you hired has no insurance.

Do they offer a bouquet of allied services that you should know about?

It is important that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions with regard to the work you are allocating to a window cleaning service provider. If they offer both internal and external window cleaning, or gutter cleaning in addition to window cleaning, you could decide on what services you will ask for so as to both stay within budget while deploying the most extensive cleaning option of what the provider offers you.

Study Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways to sift through the prospective companies that offer you the window cleaning service is to search for and read up on reviews and testimonials on their google, facebook and other social media accounts. The reliability of a service provider can be gauged very well from the words etched by their previous clients on accessible, online platforms.

 Ascertain the Breadth of their Experience

Before handing out your window washing contract, it is advisable that you work out the reliability of various contending companies by asking them how long they’ve been in the business. A company with more experience  is much more likely to have ideal processes such as insurance in place, in addition to remaining unfazed when faced with a difficult or unforeseen situation.

Are their employees background checked?

Since you would be allowing a window cleaning service contractor access to your home, it is imperative that their employees are satisfactorily background checked so that you can allow them a run of the premises without worries.

Are their employees trained in best practices and safety?

Window cleaning often involves setting up ladders to reach places that are high above the ground. To avoid being on tenterhooks for the duration of the cleaning process, it is best to have a conversation with the service provider right at the outset about the safety-related procedures they follow at their end.  There is no need to be wary or diffident about starting such a conversation because a service provider would gladly participate and point out to you the things they’re doing right to comply with standards and expectations.

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Cleaning Windows – Why You Need Professional Help

Window Cleaning Burgess Hill

Windows play a vital role in determining the curb appeal of your property. They are more important than you think when it comes to ensuring the attractive appearance of your house. On the other hand, they are also crucial to ensure the safety of your property. Hence, you need to take proper care of the windows of your house, which starts by  window cleaning them regularly.

If you think that window cleaning is a tiring job or if you do not have enough time in your hand for the same, then you should call the experts of window cleaning in Burgess Hill to get the job done flawlessly.

Reasons You Need the Professional Window Cleaners

Experience: These experts have vast experience of the windows cleaning job. This is the task they do every day for different clients. Hence, these professionals can handle cleaning better than anyone else.

Best Service: Hiring these window cleaning experts simply means getting the best services. They offer spotless and shiny windows every time you hire their service. No matter what type of window you have; you can get them brilliantly cleaned with the help of the experienced window cleaners.

Right Products: The professional window cleaners always use the most effective and safe cleaning materials for your windows. Whether it is glass windows or timber windows; they apply the best cleaning solutions and use the right kind of tools to achieve spotless cleaning.

Systematic Works: Be it the indoor windows or the windows installed at the higher floors of the building; these experts can clean each one correctly. They follow seamless plans to clean the windows rightly.

Safe and Fast Service: The professional window cleaning experts always follow the safety measures while cleaning the windows of the lofty buildings. Besides, they always ensure the safety of your property while working at the same. The cleaning solutions they use are mild on your windows but harsh on the spots.

On-Time Services: The friendly and efficient window cleaners always provide clients with on-time services and match your deadline. They know how to execute the best task without wasting any time.

While looking for the best window cleaning service, you can try True Blue Cleaning. We offer professional and insured window cleaning services for commercial and residential clients located in Burgess Hill and the surrounding areas. We also offer other cleaning services to meet the requirements of our clients.

3 Most Important Things You Must Know About Window Cleaning

True Blue Cleaning

Every commercial building and exterior cleaning are significant for a healthy and refreshing environment. A hygienic environment always encourages people to feel better. Besides that, it is necessary to take care of the commercial property, and this is one of the major priorities for a business owner. Window cleaning tends to be a challenging task, and only a professional can do it in the right way. Hence, you must go for window cleaning in Godstone for your window cleaning. By cleaning your windows, you can keep your home healthy.


Why is Window Cleaning Important?

Keeping your windows clean can make your employees feel comfortable. The employees will feel comfortable while working in a clean office, and it is beneficial for their mental health as well. Office employees spend maximum time indoors; hence it is imperative. You should make sure that they are getting enough vitamin D through windows. Research says that vitamin D deficiencies can cause depression, anxiety, and other illness as well.


It will help if you clean your windows regularly; otherwise, dirty windows can ruin your impression in front of the visitors. A clean environment will attract visitors, and that is good for your business as well. Regularly cleaned windows also reflect the commitment towards your business. However, if you are thinking for a professional clean up, then you must opt for window cleaning in Godstone.


Increased Property Value

Not cleaning your windows for a long time can harm your property. You should clean the window glass as well. The window glasses are impermeable, and it can decrease your property value if it is not adequately maintained. It will help if you clean the dust and dirt to make the environment bacteria-free. Also, the microorganisms can make your windows more fragile. Hence, you should make sure that you are maintaining the window area properly to increase the value of your property.

Why Should You Hire A Professional?

Are you thinking of cleaning your exterior thoroughly? Then you have to rely on the professionals. The Professional will do this job with a hundred per cent perfection with the help of the modern equipment, and this will get you a result with high standard. Sometimes hiring the professional can be a little costly, but if you hire the window cleaning in Godstone, then you can take their service as per the budget you can afford. Also, their ladder free window cleaning technique is entirely safe, so without wasting any time, you should call for them now.