6 Tips for Choosing the Best Window Cleaning Service in East Grinstead

Window cleaning is a vital component of cleaning your home. If you do not want to engage with the task directly, you could appoint a professional window cleaning service to do it for you. The following blog includes 6 tips that you will need to be mindful of while hiring a window cleaning service.

Do they have Insurance?

Before selecting a window cleaning service, it is crucial that you ask them if they have insurance. Without insurance, in the event of an accident occuring on your premises, you would be liable to pay damages, surely a blatantly inappropriate situation. Further, if you incur damage to your property as a result of flawed procedures on the part of the service you hired, you will not receive any compensation if the company you hired has no insurance.

Do they offer a bouquet of allied services that you should know about?

It is important that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions with regard to the work you are allocating to a window cleaning service provider. If they offer both internal and external window cleaning, or gutter cleaning in addition to window cleaning, you could decide on what services you will ask for so as to both stay within budget while deploying the most extensive cleaning option of what the provider offers you.

Study Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best ways to sift through the prospective companies that offer you the window cleaning service is to search for and read up on reviews and testimonials on their google, facebook and other social media accounts. The reliability of a service provider can be gauged very well from the words etched by their previous clients on accessible, online platforms.

 Ascertain the Breadth of their Experience

Before handing out your window washing contract, it is advisable that you work out the reliability of various contending companies by asking them how long they’ve been in the business. A company with more experience  is much more likely to have ideal processes such as insurance in place, in addition to remaining unfazed when faced with a difficult or unforeseen situation.

Are their employees background checked?

Since you would be allowing a window cleaning service contractor access to your home, it is imperative that their employees are satisfactorily background checked so that you can allow them a run of the premises without worries.

Are their employees trained in best practices and safety?

Window cleaning often involves setting up ladders to reach places that are high above the ground. To avoid being on tenterhooks for the duration of the cleaning process, it is best to have a conversation with the service provider right at the outset about the safety-related procedures they follow at their end.  There is no need to be wary or diffident about starting such a conversation because a service provider would gladly participate and point out to you the things they’re doing right to comply with standards and expectations.

Since a do-it-yourself window cleaning process can be chaotic and lengthy, it is best to hire professionals if you can provide for the outlay. At True Blue Cleaning, we offer immaculate window cleaning services focused on the East Grinstead area . Our team has extensive know-how and skills in the domain of window cleaning. Go over our website and appoint our specialists.

Tips to Ensure Proper End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaning service in Surrey

The end of the tenancy period is a moment of tension between the landlord and the tenant. As a tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that you hand over a clean and undamaged property to the landlord. Many tenants move away from the house without changing or fixing the landlord’s property. However, a security deposit is present with the landlord. If the tenant damages or leaves the property without cleaning the same, there’s a high chance that the tenant might not receive the security deposit amount when leaving the property.

Thus every tenant must maintain their honour before they decide to leave the property. In case of messy property, the tenant can always take help from professionals for end of tenancy cleaning in East Grinstead. Read on to find a few tips on the proper end of tenancy cleaning that every tenant must remember.


3 tips for ensuring the proper end of tenancy cleaning


Plan, organise and start early 

If you’ve made up your mind to do the cleaning job yourself, then start early. Don’tDon’t wait for the day of shifting. You must plan out first and organise your belongings in different boxes. This will help you get space in the house, and you can easily start cleaning from one corner.

Clean up the limescale deposits 

Limescale deposits are the hardest parts that take time to get cleaned. The landlord, during the inspection, will certainly check the limescale deposits. Hence, before the end of the tenancy, make sure that you clean the limescale deposits, especially from the common areas in the house. For this, you can take the help of professional chemical solutions that will help to remove the limescale deposits at the earliest.

Focus on common areas

Don’tDon’t forget to clean the common areas in the house. They are the most overlooked portions of the property. Once you’ve vacated the property, when the landlord will check the same, the commonly used areas are the first that will come to their notice. Hence before leaving the house, make sure that you’ve cleaned the countertops, bathroom handles and utilities, kitchen worktops, door handles and shelves thoroughly.

Although these tips are helpful, a DIY clean up process can be hectic and time-consuming; hence, hire professionals for complete cleanup. At True Blue Cleaning, we offer spotless end of tenancy cleaning services. Our team has vast knowledge and experience in managing the end of tenancy cleaning. Check our website and hire our experts.

How to Pressure Wash A Concrete Driveway

Timely washing and cleaning the driveway is essential. Regular vehicle movement makes it look dirty and dull. There are different methods that you can adopt to get a clean patio or driveway. Also, seek help from the professional service for driveway cleaning in East Grinstead.

Ways to Pressure Wash the Concrete Driveway

Pressure washers are portable machines that function on gas or electricity. You have to power the engine with a water pump fed with a garden hose. The water comes out of pressure, with high force. This helps in cleaning the driveway effectively.

You need to assemble the following list of materials –

  • A good pressure washer
  • Broom or a stiff brush
  • A garden hose
  • Roller Cover and Handle
  • Pressure Water Detergent
  • Spray degreaser
  • Gloves for safety
  • Plastic sheeting

The step by step method of cleaning the driveway

  1. Sweep the Area

First, you can begin by sweeping the surface with the help of the broomstick. It helps to clear the fallen leaves, dirt, dust and other debris from the pathway.  If the driveway has any nearby exterior walls, you should provide a covering with the painter’s tape so that there is no damage.

  1. Degreasing

The next step is to degrease the surface of the concrete pathway gradually. With the use of the degreaser, you can break and remove stubborn stains and grime. Some models of the pressure washer have a separate attachment tool for degreasing purpose only. If the stains are tough to remove, you can use a stiff brush for the concrete surface.

  1. Wash with the machine

Now, it is time to prepare the pressure washing machine. Once the degreasing is over, load it with detergent. Check the manual for proper instruction regarding usage. Attach the spray wand, connect it to the washer with the help of a pressure hose. The water supply will be from the garden.

  1. Clean in a detailed manner

Clean the driveway thoroughly to rinse off the detergent. You can switch to high pressure while also turning the knob to rinse mode. This way, you can wash away the detergent easily. Point the sprayer wand all around the driveway and also overlap every process. Allow the detergent to sit for 20 minutes at least, before spraying it with water.

  1. Seal the pathway

Once the process is over, seal off the driveway to protect it from stains and dirt. You can apply a concrete sealer for maximum effect. Do this using a paint roller. Follow the directions correctly to avoid any mishaps.

At True Blue Cleaning, we provide premium driveway cleaning services using the latest technology. We cater to every client requirement with unique solutions.