Many people feel that the extent of home carpet care, which they take, is sufficient. However, this is not the truth. Experts recommend cleaning the carpet almost 1-2 times every week. This way, it will look clean and dirt free. It is also important when you have high traffic at home. Consult the professionals for carpet cleaning in East Grinstead to get assured and desirable results.


While vacuuming is primarily believed to remove the accumulation of dirt, dust and debris from the carpet, it is not a proven permanent solution or an alternative to deep cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers do not consider vacuuming as an efficient carpet cleaning method. Hence, if not given attention, it can lead to serious health issues and problems.

In this blog, we have discussed some crucial reasons why vacuuming is not enough for carpet cleaning.


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Reasons why vacuuming is not equal to carpet cleaning 

  1. Only removes surface dirt 

The method of carpet vacuuming only removes dirt and debris from the surface. While vacuum cleaners have an intense suction action, they are still not powerful enough to suck away dirt that penetrates deep inside the fabrics. They include bacteria, dust mites, pollen, pet hair, allergens, dead skin cells and more. Hence consulting expert carpet cleaning services is highly necessary. They know the appropriate method of scrubbing and cleaning, from deep inside the carpet fibres, sucking up all the dirt and residue satisfactorily. It also improves indoor air quality.

  1. Unable to remove stains

While the vacuuming method can eliminate dirt from the surface of the carpet fibres, it is utterly inefficient in removing stains and spots. The situation is more difficult if you have kids and pets at home, as the chances of spilling and staining increases. Vacuuming can remove the larger debris, but it cannot remove stains. This is why consulting professional cleaners seem to be a wise decision.

  1. Does not remove odour

With consistent stains and spots on the carpet, it can lead to harsh smells and lingering odour. While every homeowner hates this smell, it is not possible to remove it via vacuuming. Hence, it is recommended to hire specialised carpet cleaners who can effectively clean the home carpets. By regular and timely deep cleaning, you can eliminate the dirt particles penetrated deep inside the carpet fibres, therefore preventing wear and tear while also prolonging the carpet’s lifespan. Consequently, you reduce the risk of allergies and other health problems by ensuring fresh indoor air quality.

Consult True Blue Cleaning for the highest standards of cleaning services at competitive price rates. They use the latest tools and cleaning equipment to deep clean carpets and effectively remove odour, stains and dust. They ensure a hygienic, dirt free environment, successfully catering to the requirement of domestic and commercial clients.

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