Few Signs You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

Upholstery Cleaning

Though new upholstery can last for years, its quality deteriorates over time. If you want to keep their appeal intact for years, a bit of professional cleaning services is a must. But if the one in your house has already been torn or damaged, replacing them is the only way out. In fact, how much you try to maintain their quality and visual appeal; you will have to clean or repair them sooner or later. There are numerous companies offering upholstery cleaning services scattered all over East Grinstead. So, choosing one isn’t a daunting task. Just ensure that you know the warning signs indicating that the upholstery in your house needs cleaning.


Need Upholstery Cleaning In East Grinstead? Few Signs You Should Start Looking For A Professional

  • Deep Stains

If you have been trying hard to remove the tough stains from the upholstery but have been unsuccessful in your attempt, stop covering them up with rugs and furniture and hire professionals for upholstery cleaning. Some stains penetrate deep inside the covering and are hard to remove without damaging the fibres. Though you can buy upholstery with a stain-resistant finish, it gradually becomes unprotected as the treatment fades.

  • Foul Odour

Though some basic cleaning can help diminish the mild lingering smell on the upholstery, it can develop a strong stinky smell if you have pets in your house and have not cleaned the furniture for quite a long time. It is quite common for the odour to penetrate deep inside the fibers. It can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew. If you want to eliminate the odour cost-effectively, get in touch with a reputable company for Upholstery Cleaning in East Grinstead.

  • Minor Wear And Tear

Stop covering the defects in your upholstery with pieces of clothes and start looking for a reliable company offering upholstery cleaning services. Significant wear and tear and matted furniture covers are warning signs that the fibers in them have started losing their form. Though the small issues can be fixed by cleaning them, those with larger rips must be replaced.

These being said, it’s time you get in touch with the upholstery cleaning experts at True Blue Cleaning and you can maintain the appeal of your furniture for years. Their cleaning team has vast knowledge about the right application of modern tools while working on your properties.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Clean Carpet Throughout the Year?

carpet cleaning

Certain things can always improve the value of your property. One of them is the cleanliness of the house. When it comes to determining the value of your house, the factor of cleanliness and hygiene will be definitely considered. To keep your home neat and clean, you must keep the carpets tidy throughout the year.

The carpet flooring looks gorgeous. But, stained and dusty carpets can be a big threat to the aesthetics of the house as well as the health of your entire family.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in East Grinstead is the right solution to keep the floor stain-free and shiny throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning: An Essential Part of Domestic Cleaning

Flooring is one of the prime parts of any building. While cleaning your home, you cannot ignore the floor. Whether it is made of hardwood, tiles or have carpets – you need to keep every corner of the floor neat and clean.

Carpets are used in home decor to add more aesthetical features to a room. Moreover, colourful and plush carpets can protect the base surface of the floor from damages, stains and dirt. It is easy to clean the carpet than replace the floor.

Reasons to Keep the Carpets Clean

  1. Carpets are made of fine fibres. These are mainly cotton, wool or silk. However, the most used material in carpets is synthetic fibre. No matter what kind of fibre is used in your carpet, it can catch stains, dust and dirt easily.
  2. Without regular cleaning, the carpet will lose its glow and shine. Gradually it will start looking dull and patchy, which will have a severe impact on the overall appearance of the room. Even a well-decorated room can look unsightly because of a dirty carpet.
  3. Besides, dirty carpets are a trusted nest of tiny insects and bacteria. They can cause allergies and create various health hazards for your family. Allergens will pollute the indoor air and make your life miserable.
  4. It is a beautiful feeling to have a clean, tidy and well-maintained carpet right under your feet. You can sit or lie down on it without any worries if you clean it regularly.

True Blue Cleaning is the right place to hire experts for carpet cleaning in East Grinstead. We offer a wide range of cleaning and property maintenance services. Please get in touch with us for more information related to our services.

Office Cleaning: 4 Reasons to Hire Professionals

Your office is the place where you probably spend more time than your home. Hence, it is important to keep this place neat and clean. Besides, a clean office always motivates the workers and improves their productivity. It is also useful to impress the clients and set a good brand impression in the market.

Office cleaning in East Grinstead is one of those tasks that must be handled by professionals. If you think that your in-house genitor or cleaner can handle all the matters of cleaning, you need to reconsider your thoughts.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Office Cleaning

Best Service

Professional office cleaners are the experts in this field. They have vast knowledge about the right tools and chemicals that should be used for cleaning commercial properties. On the other hand, they are well aware of the challenges that may occur during office place cleaning. Hence, they keep themselves ready and provide you with the best services as per your requirements.

Saves Money and Time

When you have trained professionals right beside you to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your office, you can save money and time. You do not need to hire in-house cleaners. You do not even need to invest in monthly cleaning materials. All the expenses will be added to the cost of the professional cleaning service. Moreover, you do not need to monitor the job since these companies have an efficient team and project supervisors to handle individual projects.

Creates Healthier Work Environment

Regular and proper cleaning of the office premises will help you create a healthier work environment for your workers. This will increase productivity and reduce workplace health risks for them. Hence, you can surely create an overall fresh and healthy ambiance inside your office.

Peace of Mind

You know there are experts who take the responsibility of cleaning each part of your office. Your office will remain germ-free, neat, clean and presentable. This will definitely give you mental peace. Your brand value will also increase.

Offices, where clients often visit personally, need such services to a great extent to impress them.

True Blue Cleaning is a professional company that offers high-class office cleaning in and around East Grinstead. We have highly skilled experts to offer flawless cleaning for offices and other commercial properties. If you wish to get more information or need a free quote, please feel free to get in touch with us.

3 Things to Know About Residential Roof Cleaning

Cleaning service in Surrey

Roof cleaning is necessary to preserve and prolong the lifespan of shingles and tiles. It is an important part of roof maintenance to reduce potential damages. You should clean and eliminate the dirt, moss and algae buildup; otherwise, the roof will fail to keep your house warm. A clean roof also enhances the curb appeal of the property.

Consult the professionals for roof cleaning in East Grinstead. True Blue Cleaning is reputable for its roof cleaning services. They provide 4-6 weekly cleans for both commercial and residential properties. The professionals perform their tasks with close attention to detail, guaranteeing quality finish.


Things to Consider Before Roof Cleaning 


  1. Roof washing is not DIY 


Some people try to rent a power washer when it comes to roof cleaning. There are certain drawbacks to this.


  • Trying to balance on a roof is dangerous. On top of that, balancing a power washer is equally difficult. You can slip while trying to stand on the slippery surface. Eventually, it can cause a serious injury.
  • You can try to balance on the ladder; however, a power washer is more manageable. If you try to spray the roof tiles, the nails and staples can come out loose.
  • You need skill, training and expertise to do proper roof washing. The key is to reach out to the crevices and cracks, otherwise disguised by the dark colours. Besides this, using too much pressure can loosen the granular shingles. Eventually, the tiles can become thin and brittle.
  • A professional cleaner knows the right techniques of roof cleaning without causing a delay.


  1. Moss and Algae are damaging. 


The growth and accumulation of moss and algae are quite damaging for your house roof. 6the contaminants hold excess moisture against the roof paper and the roof shingle. This excess moisture causes the shingles to soften and crumbly, and eventually, the roofing paper can tear. This can lead to water leaks.

Algae and moss growth is constant. The professional cleaners can provide you with assistance in this regard.


  1. Hiring Professional Cleaners is a good investment. 


Professional and regular power washing of the roofs is only possible by hiring trained cleaners. They will help restore the roof’s overall condition, removing all debris, built-up soot, dust, grime, dust, and other debris. They also help remove stains and clean areas of discolouration on the roof. The roof tiles look brand new and vibrant when cleaned properly.


The professionals use specialised detergents and a soft wash system to remove the moss, algae and mildew. Using this, the water penetrates the roof’s deep corners, nooks, and crannies and clean the assembled dirt and debris. Applying a low-pressure rinse cannot strip away the loose dirt and residue trapped under the shingles.


Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Upholestry Cleaning

Cleaning service in Surrey

Purchasing furniture is a huge investment. But to keep it long-lasting, it is necessary to clean it every day. Besides providing a comfortable seating option, upholstery furnishings enhance the appearance of the house interiors. You can choose from different styles, designs and fabrics as per your choices. The professional company for Upholstery Cleaning in East Grinstead will provide you with a guaranteed outcome that makes the furnishing look brand new and sparkling.


Advantages of Hiring Professional Upholstery Cleaners


  1. Availability of a wide range of services

Most of the cleaning services in Singapore offer a range of different cleaning services. Even when it comes it upholstery and furniture cleaning, you can avail tailor-made services as per your requirement. The application of the cleaning method usually depends on the type and kind of upholstery they are cleaning. The methods will be different for fabrics, vinyl and leather etc. You can also avail of other services like carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, sofa and mattress cleaning etc.


  1. Best resource

Professional upholstery cleaners have access to the best cleaning equipment and tools. They employ the latest cleaning techniques to provide the customers with the best services. Understanding the importance of your furniture, they take effective precautions in cleaning it, causing no damage.


For upholstery cleaning, they use the technique of steam cleaning. The steam penetrates the fibres, goes deep down without making the material wet. It lifts and eliminates stubborn dirt, debris, cleans viruses and bacteria. It is not always possible to buy a steam cleaner at home, so the professionals are appropriate for this task.

From industrial vacuum cleaners to state-of-the-art technological equipment, they will administer it only after ensuring it is safe and suitable for the fabric.


  1. Proper drying

Excessive use of water can damage the fabrics after penetrating deep inside the fibres of the upholstery. If such is the extent of upholstery damage, it can be quite complex to handle it independently. You should take the assistance of the professionals to dry it entirely. They know the best methods of drying the

furniture, assuring no damage to the upholstery at all.


  1. Remove odour and stain.

The experts provide high-quality upholstery cleaning services using appropriate cleaning agents and solutions. You should never use acidic bleaches or harsh detergents to clean the upholstery at home. It is most likely to damage the quality of the fabric. It is only recommended to use market bought specialised cleaning solutions for the upholstery. With the right dose of application, you can remove tough stains and odours. Regular cleaning also helps restore the upholstery quality to its original beauty.


  1. Convenience and cost-effective

Hiring the upholstery cleaning service is an affordable option when compared to cleaning it on your own. Instead of spending money on buying new furniture, you get it cleaned from reputable cleaners so that it looks brand new and shining. Every time you clean the upholstery by yourself, it is much more time compared to trained cleaning. Besides, there is always a probability that you can damage it unknowingly while cleaning.


Consult True Blue Cleaning, the most trusted, renowned and experienced cleaners of upholstery. You can hire them for residential or commercial cleaning, as per your requirement. They strive to provide excellent services that go beyond customer expectations.


Cleaning Carpet Stains the Right Way: Learn From the Experts

carpet cleaning

Removing tricky stains from the carpet is not possible with vacuuming alone. Stains from coffee, mud, food and oil spills are difficult to remove. Yet, they are a part of our everyday lives. To get rid of these tough stains, follow these tips from the experts for an assured outcome. You can also consult the professionals for Carpet Cleaning in East Grinstead.

Carpets in high traffic areas are most likely to get stained. The problem aggravates if you have a pet dog at home when kids spill ice cream on it, or you drop the red wine. Instantly, your beautiful carpet looks blemished and worn out.  To resolve the consequences of these inevitable mishaps, follow these tips for effective carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaning

Smart Techniques of Cleaning Carpet Stains

The most common and recommended method is as follows –

Take two empty spray bottles. Mix 1/4th tablespoon of soft detergent with cold water. Take an absorbent cloth and spray the detergent solution on it. Dab the cloth on the right spot. As the stain starts dissolving, blot it again with a clean cloth. Do it until the stain disappears.

Now spray cold water on another cloth and remove the detergent solution gently. Do not rub abrasively. Again blot the water using a damp cloth. You can also try the method of piling paper towels on top of the stained area. Remove it in the morning, fluff the fibres using your fingers and let it air dry. If the stain still stays, make your approach more targeted.


Carpet Stain Cleaning With Baking Soda

If you are looking for a natural carpet cleaning method, you can lightly sprinkle baking soda. It also freshens up the dingy looking carpets. Sprinkle the baking soda on the trouble spots and work it into the pile with a soft brush.  Let it sit for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming.


Cleaning the Pet Stains 

Your pet animals are most likely to stain the carpet. To remove it, we recommend you use a carpet cleaner with enzymes. It prevents the development of odour causing bacteria. After spraying the cleaner, use a damp, clean cloth and rinse the area lightly. Cover the area with the same cloth for 12 hours maximum.


Removing Greasy and Oily Stains

Be it mayonnaise or hamburger oil; if you do not treat it immediately, it can destroy the carpet’s outlook. You cannot treat it with water.  Moreover, the soaked water can damage the fibres.

First, you remove excess liquid or solid matter by scraping it softly off the carpet. Next, clean the area with baking soda or cornstarch. As it absorbs the oil, put powder over it and work it using a soft-bristled brush. After 15 minutes, vacuum the area.


Consult the Professional Carpet Cleaners

True Blue Cleaning is reputable for their high standard carpet cleaning services. They provide carpet deep cleaning by using the right cleaning agents and effectively removes dust, stain and odour.  They ensure your carpet looks fresh and beautiful.


Why is Vacuuming Not a Permanent Alternative to Deep Carpet Cleaning?

Many people feel that the extent of home carpet care, which they take, is sufficient. However, this is not the truth. Experts recommend cleaning the carpet almost 1-2 times every week. This way, it will look clean and dirt free. It is also important when you have high traffic at home. Consult the professionals for carpet cleaning in East Grinstead to get assured and desirable results.


While vacuuming is primarily believed to remove the accumulation of dirt, dust and debris from the carpet, it is not a proven permanent solution or an alternative to deep cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers do not consider vacuuming as an efficient carpet cleaning method. Hence, if not given attention, it can lead to serious health issues and problems.

In this blog, we have discussed some crucial reasons why vacuuming is not enough for carpet cleaning.


carpet cleaning

Reasons why vacuuming is not equal to carpet cleaning 

  1. Only removes surface dirt 

The method of carpet vacuuming only removes dirt and debris from the surface. While vacuum cleaners have an intense suction action, they are still not powerful enough to suck away dirt that penetrates deep inside the fabrics. They include bacteria, dust mites, pollen, pet hair, allergens, dead skin cells and more. Hence consulting expert carpet cleaning services is highly necessary. They know the appropriate method of scrubbing and cleaning, from deep inside the carpet fibres, sucking up all the dirt and residue satisfactorily. It also improves indoor air quality.

  1. Unable to remove stains

While the vacuuming method can eliminate dirt from the surface of the carpet fibres, it is utterly inefficient in removing stains and spots. The situation is more difficult if you have kids and pets at home, as the chances of spilling and staining increases. Vacuuming can remove the larger debris, but it cannot remove stains. This is why consulting professional cleaners seem to be a wise decision.

  1. Does not remove odour

With consistent stains and spots on the carpet, it can lead to harsh smells and lingering odour. While every homeowner hates this smell, it is not possible to remove it via vacuuming. Hence, it is recommended to hire specialised carpet cleaners who can effectively clean the home carpets. By regular and timely deep cleaning, you can eliminate the dirt particles penetrated deep inside the carpet fibres, therefore preventing wear and tear while also prolonging the carpet’s lifespan. Consequently, you reduce the risk of allergies and other health problems by ensuring fresh indoor air quality.

Consult True Blue Cleaning for the highest standards of cleaning services at competitive price rates. They use the latest tools and cleaning equipment to deep clean carpets and effectively remove odour, stains and dust. They ensure a hygienic, dirt free environment, successfully catering to the requirement of domestic and commercial clients.

Reasons to hire a professional company for driveway cleaning

Often the driveways lose their former shine and quality after regular use. This is where the procedure of pressure cleaning proves to be an effective solution. It has become a popular home restoration option and a cost-effective method to boost the property’s curb appeal. You can also consult a professional driveway cleaning company for reliable services.


Reasons to hire experts for driveway cleaning  


  1. Expertise  

After long years of wear and tear, the driveways accumulate grease, dirt, gas spots and shows scaring from the rock salts. This is why cleaning is essential. The professional companies use the latest technology and equipment to make it look sparkling clean and new. The experts also have proficiency and knowledge in using the pressure washers correctly for better results.


  1. Guarantee good clean 

They provide assured services, fully committed to customer satisfaction. You will get a good return on your investment without incurring any extra cost for damage. Most importantly, you need not clean the driveway alone.


  1. Better aesthetics  

Another good reason you should hire professionals for driveway cleaning is to make the exteriors look beautiful. When it comes to overall property maintenance, this is essential to maintain the aesthetics of the surrounding. Consequently, you make a good impression.


  1. Cost-efficient

By paying a certain amount for driveway cleaning, you get the best services in return. When you avoid the damages that come with manual cleaning, the process automatically becomes cost-effective. It also saves you from incurring extra costs. The professional services use advanced methods of cleaning, which stops your driveway from ageing any further.


  1. Fast service 

When you hire experts for cleaning, they execute their task quickly and productively. Although driveway cleaning is known to be time-consuming, you can save yourself from this back-breaking task by putting the experts into work. With their high levels of experience, they will complete the dexterously.


At True Blue Cleaning, we offer high standard services for driveway cleaning in East Grinstead. We cater to every requirement of the customer successfully and within an affordable price range.