Why Is It Necessary to Have a Clean Carpet Throughout the Year?

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Certain things can always improve the value of your property. One of them is the cleanliness of the house. When it comes to determining the value of your house, the factor of cleanliness and hygiene will be definitely considered. To keep your home neat and clean, you must keep the carpets tidy throughout the year.

The carpet flooring looks gorgeous. But, stained and dusty carpets can be a big threat to the aesthetics of the house as well as the health of your entire family.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in East Grinstead is the right solution to keep the floor stain-free and shiny throughout the year.

Carpet Cleaning: An Essential Part of Domestic Cleaning

Flooring is one of the prime parts of any building. While cleaning your home, you cannot ignore the floor. Whether it is made of hardwood, tiles or have carpets – you need to keep every corner of the floor neat and clean.

Carpets are used in home decor to add more aesthetical features to a room. Moreover, colourful and plush carpets can protect the base surface of the floor from damages, stains and dirt. It is easy to clean the carpet than replace the floor.

Reasons to Keep the Carpets Clean

  1. Carpets are made of fine fibres. These are mainly cotton, wool or silk. However, the most used material in carpets is synthetic fibre. No matter what kind of fibre is used in your carpet, it can catch stains, dust and dirt easily.
  2. Without regular cleaning, the carpet will lose its glow and shine. Gradually it will start looking dull and patchy, which will have a severe impact on the overall appearance of the room. Even a well-decorated room can look unsightly because of a dirty carpet.
  3. Besides, dirty carpets are a trusted nest of tiny insects and bacteria. They can cause allergies and create various health hazards for your family. Allergens will pollute the indoor air and make your life miserable.
  4. It is a beautiful feeling to have a clean, tidy and well-maintained carpet right under your feet. You can sit or lie down on it without any worries if you clean it regularly.

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Cleaning Carpet Stains the Right Way: Learn From the Experts

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Removing tricky stains from the carpet is not possible with vacuuming alone. Stains from coffee, mud, food and oil spills are difficult to remove. Yet, they are a part of our everyday lives. To get rid of these tough stains, follow these tips from the experts for an assured outcome. You can also consult the professionals for Carpet Cleaning in East Grinstead.

Carpets in high traffic areas are most likely to get stained. The problem aggravates if you have a pet dog at home when kids spill ice cream on it, or you drop the red wine. Instantly, your beautiful carpet looks blemished and worn out.  To resolve the consequences of these inevitable mishaps, follow these tips for effective carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaning

Smart Techniques of Cleaning Carpet Stains

The most common and recommended method is as follows –

Take two empty spray bottles. Mix 1/4th tablespoon of soft detergent with cold water. Take an absorbent cloth and spray the detergent solution on it. Dab the cloth on the right spot. As the stain starts dissolving, blot it again with a clean cloth. Do it until the stain disappears.

Now spray cold water on another cloth and remove the detergent solution gently. Do not rub abrasively. Again blot the water using a damp cloth. You can also try the method of piling paper towels on top of the stained area. Remove it in the morning, fluff the fibres using your fingers and let it air dry. If the stain still stays, make your approach more targeted.


Carpet Stain Cleaning With Baking Soda

If you are looking for a natural carpet cleaning method, you can lightly sprinkle baking soda. It also freshens up the dingy looking carpets. Sprinkle the baking soda on the trouble spots and work it into the pile with a soft brush.  Let it sit for 15-30 minutes before vacuuming.


Cleaning the Pet Stains 

Your pet animals are most likely to stain the carpet. To remove it, we recommend you use a carpet cleaner with enzymes. It prevents the development of odour causing bacteria. After spraying the cleaner, use a damp, clean cloth and rinse the area lightly. Cover the area with the same cloth for 12 hours maximum.


Removing Greasy and Oily Stains

Be it mayonnaise or hamburger oil; if you do not treat it immediately, it can destroy the carpet’s outlook. You cannot treat it with water.  Moreover, the soaked water can damage the fibres.

First, you remove excess liquid or solid matter by scraping it softly off the carpet. Next, clean the area with baking soda or cornstarch. As it absorbs the oil, put powder over it and work it using a soft-bristled brush. After 15 minutes, vacuum the area.


Consult the Professional Carpet Cleaners

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How to Keep Your Living Room’s Carpet Clean

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The living room is one of the most imperative parts of your home. It is the room where you welcome your guests, have fun with your friends and enjoy quality times with your family. Be it an ordinary day or a house party; this area receives the maximum footfall. Hence, you need to be extra careful about keeping your living room’s carpet neat and clean all the time.

You can hire experts in carpet cleaning in East Grinstead to get the finest result. However, being the owner of the house, you should know how to keep the carpets of your living room clean.

Simple Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Identify the Type of Stains: The carpet you have in your living room can have different types of stains. You need to recognise them so that you can utilise the correct and practical techniques to remove them. Since different types of stains demand different types of cleaning materials, you should apply the right one to have the best result.

Be Gentle: Always be gentle while cleaning your carpet. The fibre of the rug can get affected if you use toxic and hard detergents. Always use a soft mop, cotton or towel to soak the spill first. Then you should use a mixture of liquid detergent and water very gently on the stain.

Use the Right Kind of Products: You can find different types of carpet cleaners that are strong on stains but gentle on the fibre. In some cases, the vacuum cleaner is also effective to get rid of stain and dirt from carpets.

Do Not Ignore: When you wish to keep your carpets neat and clean, there should not be any delay in the action. The moment you notice the stain or the moment something spill on the floor, you need to use a dry cotton piece or towel to soak it. Then apply the detergent mix on it as soon as possible. If you delay cleaning it, the stain will go into deeper the fibre and make the situation even worse.

Hire the Carpet Cleaning Experts

If you find that your old carpet needs a refreshed look, calling out professionals for their service is the best thing to do. They would come to your place and check the condition of the carpet first. After the initial inspection, these experts will start applying the most effective technique to clean the carpet.

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