How to Keep Your Living Room’s Carpet Clean

carpet cleaning

The living room is one of the most imperative parts of your home. It is the room where you welcome your guests, have fun with your friends and enjoy quality times with your family. Be it an ordinary day or a house party; this area receives the maximum footfall. Hence, you need to be extra careful about keeping your living room’s carpet neat and clean all the time.

You can hire experts in carpet cleaning in East Grinstead to get the finest result. However, being the owner of the house, you should know how to keep the carpets of your living room clean.

Simple Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Identify the Type of Stains: The carpet you have in your living room can have different types of stains. You need to recognise them so that you can utilise the correct and practical techniques to remove them. Since different types of stains demand different types of cleaning materials, you should apply the right one to have the best result.

Be Gentle: Always be gentle while cleaning your carpet. The fibre of the rug can get affected if you use toxic and hard detergents. Always use a soft mop, cotton or towel to soak the spill first. Then you should use a mixture of liquid detergent and water very gently on the stain.

Use the Right Kind of Products: You can find different types of carpet cleaners that are strong on stains but gentle on the fibre. In some cases, the vacuum cleaner is also effective to get rid of stain and dirt from carpets.

Do Not Ignore: When you wish to keep your carpets neat and clean, there should not be any delay in the action. The moment you notice the stain or the moment something spill on the floor, you need to use a dry cotton piece or towel to soak it. Then apply the detergent mix on it as soon as possible. If you delay cleaning it, the stain will go into deeper the fibre and make the situation even worse.

Hire the Carpet Cleaning Experts

If you find that your old carpet needs a refreshed look, calling out professionals for their service is the best thing to do. They would come to your place and check the condition of the carpet first. After the initial inspection, these experts will start applying the most effective technique to clean the carpet.

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How to Pressure Wash A Concrete Driveway

Timely washing and cleaning the driveway is essential. Regular vehicle movement makes it look dirty and dull. There are different methods that you can adopt to get a clean patio or driveway. Also, seek help from the professional service for driveway cleaning in East Grinstead.

Ways to Pressure Wash the Concrete Driveway

Pressure washers are portable machines that function on gas or electricity. You have to power the engine with a water pump fed with a garden hose. The water comes out of pressure, with high force. This helps in cleaning the driveway effectively.

You need to assemble the following list of materials –

  • A good pressure washer
  • Broom or a stiff brush
  • A garden hose
  • Roller Cover and Handle
  • Pressure Water Detergent
  • Spray degreaser
  • Gloves for safety
  • Plastic sheeting

The step by step method of cleaning the driveway

  1. Sweep the Area

First, you can begin by sweeping the surface with the help of the broomstick. It helps to clear the fallen leaves, dirt, dust and other debris from the pathway.  If the driveway has any nearby exterior walls, you should provide a covering with the painter’s tape so that there is no damage.

  1. Degreasing

The next step is to degrease the surface of the concrete pathway gradually. With the use of the degreaser, you can break and remove stubborn stains and grime. Some models of the pressure washer have a separate attachment tool for degreasing purpose only. If the stains are tough to remove, you can use a stiff brush for the concrete surface.

  1. Wash with the machine

Now, it is time to prepare the pressure washing machine. Once the degreasing is over, load it with detergent. Check the manual for proper instruction regarding usage. Attach the spray wand, connect it to the washer with the help of a pressure hose. The water supply will be from the garden.

  1. Clean in a detailed manner

Clean the driveway thoroughly to rinse off the detergent. You can switch to high pressure while also turning the knob to rinse mode. This way, you can wash away the detergent easily. Point the sprayer wand all around the driveway and also overlap every process. Allow the detergent to sit for 20 minutes at least, before spraying it with water.

  1. Seal the pathway

Once the process is over, seal off the driveway to protect it from stains and dirt. You can apply a concrete sealer for maximum effect. Do this using a paint roller. Follow the directions correctly to avoid any mishaps.

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